Shafts for TriSuehiro Products for Trimmers/Bush-cutters

Suehiro provides quality
drive shafts and outer pipes
for trimmers/brush-cutters.

Trimmers or bush-cutters are generally called ‘lawn mowers’.
Suehiro makes quality drive shafts and outer pipes
which are strong and well absorbs vibration of the machinery to be used for high-end trimmers and bush-cutters.

Drive shafts
Outer pipes

Drive Shafts

Suehiro enjoys a 90% share of the drive shaft market in Japan.

Based on its long and ample experience along with its unique technology, Suehiro makes high quality, but also price competitive products. As a result, the company enjoys a 90% domestic share and a 30% overseas share of the drive shaft market.

Product Features

Suehiro makes perfectly straight, round and coaxial shafts and strong, durable and lightweight outer pipes.
Machines with Suehiro products experience minimal high-pitched vibration and help to prevent operator fatigue.

Product Specifications
【Raw Material】
Special high-strength steel S48C/STKM17C/SWRH62B
【Size】 Outer Diameter :φ5.5 ~ φ11
Full Length :100mm ~ 2,500mm

Weston™: CFRP Outer Pipes for Trimmers/Bush-Cutters

2/3 the weight of aluminum with higher strength than metal

Suehiro patented its proprietary product called Weston™ in 1994. Weston™ is outer pipe made of CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic) based on Suehiro’s unique technique.
Weston™ weight is 2/3 that of aluminum and harder than metal.
Weston™ is highly durable owing to the nature of FRP and organic fibers used in the raw material which absorb and minimize high-pitched vibration, preventing operator fatigue.

※Trade mark details Japan Patent No. 2955122
US Patent No.5324558
European Patent No.EP-0509480

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Using its long-established experiences and unique technology, Suehiro will challenge any kind of product specification on outer diameter, thickness and length to meet your requests.

Product Features
  1. Since the product launch 1994, we have not received any quality claim from our customers.
  2. Weston™ pipe weighs only 1.6g/cm3while an aluminum pipe of the same lenghth weighs 2.7g/cm3.
  3. Provides Vibration-free operation.
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