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Suehiro makes products for versatile purposes

Suehiro products are based on proven technology and are widely used in precision machinery and high-tech fields.

  • CCFL Coils of LCD display
  •  Titanium Eye-Glass Frames
  • Nuclear Power Related Products

CCFL(Backlight) Coils of LCD Displays

Suehiro possesses proprietary technology to grind a variety of rare metals.

Using its proprietary technology, Suehiro grinds rare metals such as tungsten to make electric coils of CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) used for LCD display panels.

Suehiro Grinding Technology
【Outer Diameter】 φ0.3~φ50
【Length】 ~7000mm

Titanium Eye-Glass Frames

Suehiro is the pioneer in grinding titanium

Premium eye-glass frames are often made of titanium.  Suehiro is the company that first ground titanium to be used for eye-glass frames.
Suehiro has been and continues to be the pioneer for titanium grinding and other difficult materials.

Suehiro Grinding Technology
【Outer Diameter】 φ0.3~φ50
【Length】 ~7000mm

Nuclear Power Related Products

Suehiro owns special technology to grind materials that could be used in extreme stress environments

Suehiro can grind and process rare materials such as tungsten, titanium, duralumin, and even zircaloy which are used in nuclear power plants.  Suehiro exercises its specialized grinding technique which cannot be duplicated.

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