Roller Shaft

Suehiro roller shafts are used by the leading Japanese manufacturer of FPD (Flat Panel Displays)

Suehiro provides long shafts and glass substrate transfer rollers for FPD and solar panels.  We can meet customer demands for increasingly large sizes of glass panels (G8-G11).

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Manufactured Products
【Materials】 SUS304Pipe/SUS304round shafts/CFRP+PVC/SUS304+PVC  (and other materials on demand)
【Diameter】 φ5~50mm
【Length】 100-4500mm and longer on demand
【Straightness】 0.1/1000mm
Product Features
  1. Suehiro can make super precise long shafts made by the company’s proprietary lathe facilities and center grinding technique.
  2. Suehiro’s unique grinding technique is applied after NC lathe process and finishes products without crack or warp.
  3. Suehiro shafts makes load bearing easier and shortens required assembly time.  Using its unique manufacturing technology, Suehiro is also able to manufacture products for PVC coating with superior adherence, which minimizes energy loss and maximizes operational efficiency.
  4. PVC coating makes shafts strong and resistant to deterioration caused by acid or alkaline cleaning solutions used in large-sized glass panel manufacturing.
Processing Technique

Suehiro provides a variety of processing techniques as requested.

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