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CFRP Pipes for FPD Cleaning Machine (Pipe Edge)、CFRP Pipes for Etching Machine (Pipe Edge)、CFRP Pipes for Textile or Printing Machine、CFRP Pipes for Trimmers/Bush-Cutters

CFRP Pipes

As SUS pipes become longer, they become more subject to warping and their straightness is more difficult to maintain.
CFRP pipes are lighter in weight, and therefore, not subject to warping caused by their own weight resulting in high level of straightness.

Usages of Suehiro’s CFRP Pipes
  • Mobile phones which require super light in weight…
  • Transportation machinery…
  • Medical equipment…
  • Radio-controlled aircraft for aerial fertilizing/pesticide application…
  • Printer or fax machine to increase the level of friction or resistance to paper feeding…
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