No.1maker uses Suehiro roller Shafts!You can see  the introduction of products


  • Roller Shaft

    Using its proprietary technology, Suehiro provides high quality and high precision roller shafts.

  • Shafts for Trimmers/Bush-Cutters

    Suehiro enjoys a 90% share of the domestic market and a 30% share of the overseas market of shafts used for trimmers or bush cutters.

  • Other Products

    Suehiro possess proprietary technology to grind a variety of rare metals such as tungsten, titan, zircaloy, etc.

What's New

Suehiro products has been active in various fields!

  • FTP Products Field

    Liquid-crystal /Plasma TV/ Glass Substrate Transfer Shafts

  • Industrial Equipment Field

    Spinning/Stirrer/Knitter/ Development machine

  • Automotive Field

    Shaft for motor/ Automatic transmission parts/Antenna/ Shock absorber

  • Agricultural Equipment Field


  • Information Device Field

    Printer/Hard disk/ DVD/Copier

  • Company
  • Suehiro Technology

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Suehiro was certified as compliant with ISO 9001

Suehiro was certified as compliant with ISO 9001

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